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The 4-H Youth Development Program:

Langston University's Cooperative Extension Program views the youth population of Oklahoma as one of the state's most important resources. Langston's philosophy and programs continue to address the present needs of youth that reside in Oklahoma. Langston University uses a learn by doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens of the world. This is accomplished by using the knowledge and resources of caring adults.

Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies, and expanding opportunities. Positive youth development is an approach toward all youth that builds on their assets and their potential and helps counter the problems that may affect them. Growing up can be tough for everyone, but young people are far more likely to succeed if they are active participants in decision-making that affects their lives and their communities. We strive to help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders, and citizens, government agencies, national youth-serving organizations, foundations and business communities of our Nation.

Langston University Cooperative Extension Youth Development Goals are:

e      To create an environment where youth will develop leadership skills through participatory learning within their community.

e      To provide a creative learning environment for youth in grades K-3 where they can experience positive development of life skills to help them become competent, caring and contributing citizens. Providing youth with safe and supportive environments.

e      Foster relationships between young people and caring adults who can mentor and guide them.

e      Provide youth with opportunities to pursue their interests and focus on their strengths.

e      Support the development of youths' knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, including study, tutoring, sports, the arts, vocational education, and service-learning.

e      Engage youth as active partners and leaders who can help move communities forward.

e      Provide opportunities for youth to show that they care—about others and about society.

e      Promote healthy lifestyles and teaching positive patterns of social interaction.

e      Provide a safety net in times of need.


4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs provide research-based information and teach leadership skills to youth while also providing opportunities for having fun. Our 4-H Clubs reach youth and adults in rural and urban areas in Oklahoma bridging educational and socioeconomic divides.


Ag-in-the Classroom

Our Ag-in-the Classroom Programs are designed to be a fun way of introducing Agriscience to youth who have had limited formal exposure to agriculture.


The Goat Kid in the Classroom Program places a small goat kid in a classroom for one week. A Langston University Extension Specialist teaches the youth about animal care and nutrition.


The Aquatic Education Program lends 55 gallon aquaria to school Classrooms, sets up each aquarium display, conducts demonstrations at nearby lakes or devises other means to provide high energy, hands-on demonstrations on water quality, aquatic ecology and other natural resource issues.


Community Resource Development

Technical assistance in developing business plans, marketing strategies and proposal writing is provided to rural and urban communities. Through the efforts of the Community Resource Development Program, a grant and a loan were secured by the town of Taft to repair and upgrade its water supply system. The town of Meridian received grants and gifts-in-kind to renovate an abandoned school building and transform it into

Youth Summer Camps and Health Fairs served as informal educational programs designed for the school age youth populations to gain knowledge related to self-esteem, tutorial assistance, drug awareness, and techniques for protection against criminal activities.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program exposed youth to information ranging from start-up business with financial investments through basic bookkeeping and marketing. Seminars, mock businesses, and other activities are organized to offer youth recreational and business related activities.

For further Information on Programs, write or call:

Langston University

Agricultural Research and Extension programs

P O Box 730

Langston, OK 73050

Phone: (405)466-3836









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