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Introduction and Welcoming Address
Tilahun Sahlu
Opening Address
Belay Ejigu
National Goat Research Strategy in Ethiopia
Aschalew Tsegahun, Sisay Lemma, Ameha Sebsbie, Abebe Mekoya and Zinash Sileshi
Goat Production Under Harsh Environmental Conditions: The Physiological Basis and the Challenge
Nissim Silanikove
Pastoral System Trends and Small Ruminant Production in the Borana Plateau of Southern Ethiopia
Solomon Desta and Layne Coppock
Nutritional Constraints and Future Prospects for Goat Production in East Africa
Adugna Tolera, Roger C. Merkel, Arthur L. Goetsch, Tilahun Sahlu and Tegene Negesse
Broiler Litter in Ruminant Diets - Implications for Use as a Low-Cost Byproduct Feedstuff for Goats
Arthur L. Goetsch and Glen E. Aiken
Selection and Breeding Strategies for Increased Productivity of Goats in Ethiopia
A.K. Banerjee, Getachew Animut and Ewnetu Ermias
Mange: A Disease of Growing Threat for the Production of Small Ruminants in the Amhara National Regional State
Amsalu Demissie, Bewket Siraw, Kassa Teferi, Tefera Tsertse, Gezahegn Mammo, Dagne Mekonnen and Shihun Shimelis
Livestock Production Constraints in a M2-2 Sub-Agroecological Zone with Special Reference to Goat Production
Markos Tibbo
The Experience of Farm-Africa in a Goat Development Project in Ethiopia
Tefera Gebremeskel
Enhancing Food Security and Income Generating Potential of Families in Southern Ethiopia Through Improved Goat Production and Extension: A Progress Report of an ALO-Funded Project
Girma Abebe, Roger C. Merkel and Tilahun Sahlu
Increasing Food Security Through Improved Goat Production: A Progress Report of a UNCF-Funded International Development Partnership Between Langston University and Alemaya University
Getachew Animut, Roger C. Merkel and Tilahun Sahlu
Development Potential and Constraints of Hides and Skins Marketing in Ethiopia
Ahmed Mahmud
Current Problems of the Leather Industry
Yibralem Abadi
Research Reports
Growth and Carcass Chararcteristics of Barbari Kids as Influenced by Concentrate Supplementation
Ameha Sebsibe and M.M. Mathur
Allometric Growth Coefficients and Partitioning of Fat Depots in Indigenous Ethiopian Menz and Horro Sheep Breeds
Enyew Negussie, O.J. Rottman, F. Pirchner and J.E.O. Rege
Smallholder Goat Production and Individual Food Security: The Case of a Women Focused Dairy Goat Development Project in Eastern Hararghe of Ethiopia
Habtemariam Kassa, Workneh Ayalew, Zewdie H/Gabriel and Tefera G/Meskel
Socioeconomic Aspect and Husbandry Practices of Sheep Kept in Awassa
Dinksew Taye and Girma Abebe
Preliminary Production and Reproduction Performance Evaluation of Mid Rift Valley and Boran Somali Goats
Tesfaye Alemu Tucho, Alemu Ragassa and Lemma Fita
Broiler Litter and Urea-Treated Wheat Straw as Feedstuffs for Alpine Doelings
Getachew Animut, Roger C. Merkel, Girma Abebe, Tilahun Sahlu and Arthur L. Goetsch
Hagenia Abyssinica (Kosso) for Internal Parasite Control in Goats
Girma Abebe, Lionel J. Dawson, Glenn Detweiler, Terry A. Gipson and Tilahun Sahlu
Alternative Approach for Evaluating Small Ruminant Genotypes for Meat Production in Ethiopia
Ewnetu Ermias, J.E.O. Rege and A.K. Banerjee
Variations in Quality and Fermentation Properties of Milk from Local Goats
Fekadu Beyene and Eyasu Seifu
Effect of Partial Suckling on Milk Yield of Somali Does and Growth Rate of Their Offspring
Fekede Feyissa and Girma Abebe
Vaccination Trial on Goats with and Elementary Bodies Preparation of Welgevonden Stock of Cowdria Isolate
T. Bekele and K. Sumption

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