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United States Boer Goat Association

Collaborator and Author: Mr. Derial Bivens

Module: Disaster Preparedness

Current Position: Goat Producer and Chairman, Member Services, United States Boer Goat Association

Current Responsibilities: A graduate of the National Imaging and Mapping College and the U.S. Army Engineer School, spent 22 years as an engineer with the Corps of Engineers, leading various phases of disaster management in virtually every kind of disaster on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Currently working with the TN Department of Transportation as a mapping engineer. A principal in the United States South African Boer Goat Research Institute, a commercial firm specializing in research and development of alternative economic strategies for small Boer goat farms and producers. Also a senior partner of the Lancaster Goat Co. in Lancaster, TN, a medium-sized operation that breeds registered Boer goats and experimental Boer-Kiko-Spanish-cross meat goats.

The Association: The mission of the USBGA is to promote and improve the Boer Goat breed through pedigree tracking and maintenance by registration, and to advance the Boer goat industry through education, promotion, and marketing. The USBGA is committed to providing its members with accurate and dependable pedigree data in an understandable and informative format.

In addition to maintaining the nation's most comprehensive South African Boer goat registry, "The Breeder's Choice Registry", headquartered in Spicewood, TX, provides a wide variety of services and programs to the 8,000 + members that have joined since it was founded in 1997. The USBGA has always been and continues to be a major supporter of meat goat research in the United States and abroad.

email address: derial@goatbarn.com

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