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Tuskegee University

Collaborator: Dr. Ralph Noble

  • Ph.D. (Reproductive Physiology in Animal Sciences, University of Illinois - Champaign, Urbana, IL),
  • M.S. (Animal Science; Tuskegee University, AL),
  • B.S., (Agricultural Sciences; Tuskegee University, AL).

Current Position: Formally Co-coordinator of Animal, Poultry and Veterinary Sciences (APSC) teaching, research and outreach programs at Tuskegee University, AL. Currently, Chairman, Department of Animal Sciences, North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC.

Current Responsibilities: Formally Director of the Outreach Programs in Animal Sciences, co-coordinator of the Caprice Research Unit and the Tuskegee University Annual Goat Day, coordinate internships in APSC and teach courses in APSC. Provide information transfer on the goat industry as well as goat production and management to farm, community and businesses through presentations, field days, seminars and workshops by delivering over 100 presentations to local, regional, national and international audience of farmer organizations, extension, NGO's and government representatives (municipal, state and federal). Also, develop collaborative relationships between the university, industry, and government plus seek, manage and conduct extramural research projects.

The University: Tuskegee University is an 1890 Land-Grant Institution with approximately 3,000 students. The university offers undergraduate degrees in 41 majors in the Colleges of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences; Business and Information Sciences; Engineering, Architecture and Physical Sciences; Liberal Arts and Education; and Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health. The university also offers master's degree in 21 areas and the Ph.D. in 2 areas, Engineering and Material Sciences and the new Integrated Biosciences areas to start in fall, 2005. The campus is located in Tuskegee, Alabama with a population of 15,000. Tuskegee is located approximately 40 miles east of Montgomery, Alabama, the state capital.

email address: rnoble@tuskegee.edu

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