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Fort Valley State University

Collaborators: Dr. Will R. Getz

  • Ph.D. (Animal Breeding and Genetics, Ohio State University),
  • M.S. (Animal Science, Ohio State University)
  • B.S. (Agricultural Education and Animal Science, Oklahoma State University).

Current Position: Professor and Extension Specialist-Animal Science.

Current Responsibilities: Serve as a statewide Extension Specialist associated with the Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center at Fort Valley State University. Teach general animal science, animal breeding, small ruminant management, and graduate statistics in the animal science curriculum. Conduct research in sheep and meat goat production systems, genetic evaluation, and plant-animal relationships.

The University: The University is located in middle Georgia in the town of Fort Valley in Peach County, the original site of the nation's peach industry. Its 1,365-acre campus is the second largest (in acreage) public university in the state. The university was established in 1895 as the Fort Valley High and Industrial School. It was consolidated with the State Teachers and Agricultural College of Forsyth in 1939 to form Fort Valley State College which was then elevated to Fort Valley State University in June 1996. Its 50-plus year status as a land-grant university has led to remarkable innovations in agriculture and related fields. The acclaimed biology department and chemistry department help Fort Valley State University send more students of African descent to medical school and dental school than any other state school in Georgia. The University's 3,000 plus students represent 130 of Georgia's 159 counties, more than 30 states and about 10 international countries. Ninety-four percent of the student body is African American. The College of Agriculture, Home Economics and Allied Programs offers instruction including animal and veterinary science, plant and soil sciences, agricultural economics and rural sociology, agricultural education, electronic engineering, and agricultural mechanics. A Master's degree in several areas of animal science is offered. Centers of Excellence have been established in plant bioengineering, aquaculture, and small ruminants.

email address: getzw@mail.fvsu.edu

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