Use this Energy Requirement Calculator to calculate the daily energy requirement for young growing goats. Enter the data into the table and then click the Calculate Energy Requirement button. The results will be displayed in the table at the bottom of the page.

1. Choose biotype of the goat meat, 50% or more Boer
indigenous or local
2. Choose gender of goat female or wether
intact male
3. Enter body weight (kg)
4. Enter Average Daily Gain (g/day)
Enter dietary ME concentration (MJ/kg DM)
You can use the TDN calculator below and the ME concentration will be entered automatically.
(1 = no adjustment)
(1 = no adjustment)
(0 = no adjustment)
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They will be automatically entered into the table to the left.

The ME concentration can be calculated with these simple formulas:
ME (MJ/kg) = TDN (%) × 0.15104 and
ME (Mcal/kg) = TDN (%) × 0.0361.

Enter TDN (%)
ME (MJ/kg)
ME (Mcal/kg)


ME requirement for maintenance (MJ):
Dietary ME used for maintenance (MJ):
ME requirement for gain (MJ):
Total dietary ME requirement (MJ):