Metabolizable Energy (ME)Requirement For Growing Goats (Meat, Dairy, And Indigenous; ≤ 1.5 Years Of Age)

Use this Energy Requirement Calculator to calculate the daily energy requirements for young growing goats. Enter the data into the table and then click the Calculate Energy Requirements button. The results will be displayed in the table at the bottom of the page.


We will use a 15-pound female or wether goat (6.8 kg) gaining 100 g/day.
1. Choose biotype of the goat meat, 50% or more Boer
indigenous or local
2. Choose gender of kid female or wether
intact male
3. Enter body weight (kg)
4. Enter Average Daily Gain (g/day)
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They will be automatically entered into the table to the left.


Our example would require a total of 3.23 MJ of ME (1.89 MJ for maintenance and 1.34 MJ for gain).

Metabolizable Energy (ME) Requirement for Maintenance:
Metabolizable Energy (ME) Requirement for Gain:
Total Metabolizable Energy (ME) Requirement:

The total ME requirement can then be divided by the dietary ME concentration to determine the required, unadjusted level of dry matter intake. This estimate can then be adjusted by the dry matter intake correction actor, shown later. o estimate this correction factor, knowledge of the dietary ME concentration and level of intake relative to the maintenance ME requirement are necessary.No correction factor is needed with a dietary ME concentration of 10.0 MJ/kg dry matter, and the magnitude or impact of correction factors increase with increasing level of intake relative to the maintenance ME requirement.