MISSION: Develop and transfer
enhanced goat production
system technologies

GOAL: To assist the goat industry in management decisions for the optimization of inputs and increased profitability by development and dissemination of technical information, encompassing local, state, regional, national, and international levels


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< All goats - nutrient requirements, parasite
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< Dairy goats -   grazing-based production, kid     management, mastitis
< Mohair/Cashmere - nutrition, regulation
< Milk product technologies - cheesemaking

"Seasonal Manipulations to Improve Cashmere..."
Seasonal Manipulations to Improve Cashmere and Meat Returns in Goats
Quantify the natural seasonal cycle of cashmere growth.
To quantify the response in fiber growth and breeding cycles of two methods of melatonin treatment applied in April in the U.S.
To determine whether shedding, following the cessation of a spring melatonin treatment, can be prevented by the suppression of plasma prolactin concentration.
To determine the effect of chemical defleecing agents on fiber growth and quality in cashmere goats.

"Exogenous Hormone and Nutritional Manipulation..."
Exogenous Hormone and Nutritional Manipulation to Increase Fiber Production
Investigate the interactions among growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I, insulin, and thyroid hormones for mohair growth and skin metabolism
Define the role of growth hormone in skin metabolism and mohair growth and determine whether growth hormone has the potential to improve mohair production and quality

"Enhancing Browse Utilization by Goats"
Enhancing Browse Utilization by Goats
Investigate the chemical composition and potential nutritive value of browse with emphasis on the tannin content, type, and limitation to digestion
Explore relationships among supplemental polyethylene glycol, tannin content in forage, and forage utilization by ruminants in order to increase intake of tannin-containing forages
Determine if once-daily supplementation with polyethylene glycol will enhance goat control of noxious brush and weeds

"Postruminal Nitrogen Supply for Fast..."
Postruminal Nitrogen Supply for Fast Growing Meat Goats
Determine the level of dietary crude protein required for goat kids of different growth potential
Determine the influence of both level and source of supplemental protein on ruminal fermentation, postruminal nitrogen supply, and performance of rapidly growing goat kids
Determine the influence of dietary level of ruminally undegraded protein on ruminal fermentation and postruminal nitrogen supply as well as performance of kids with different growth potential
Determine the complementary nature of different sources of ruminally undegraded protein on postruminal amino acid supply as well as performance of kids with different growth potential

"Nutrient Requirements of Goats:"
Nutrient Requirements of Goats:  An Update and Reevaluation
Compile and review literature experiments conducted since publication of NRC (1981) concerning nutritional requirements of goats in order to update and reevaluate existing requirement recommendations and(or) develop more appropriate and accurate alternate systems

"Metabolic Changes Affecting Utilization of..."
Metabolic Changes Affecting Utilization of Poor Quality Diets by Goats
Determine influences of supplementation of poor-quality forage diets with rumen-protected betaine on energy and nitrogen metabolism in goats

"Sustainable Dairy Goat Milk Production..."
Sustainable Dairy Goat Milk Production from Forages
Study milk production, composition, animal health, and inputs for a grass-based dairy system as compared with a conventional confinement dairy.
Determine the response in milk production of grass-based dairy goats to different levels of concentrate supplementation.
Model the effect of pasture intake and concentrate supplementation on milk production and changes in body weight.

"Quality Characteristics and Yield Predictive..."
Quality Characteristics and Yield Predictive Models of Goat Cheeses
Determine the effects of milk composition and somatic cell counts on the quality and yield of goat cheese and develop yield predictive models for goat cheeses (French soft, Colby, and Mozzarella).
Characterize Colby or Mozzarella cheeses in terms of composition, microstructure, rheological properties, protein profiles, and sensory characteristics as affected by seasonal variations of milk composition and property changes during cheese storage.

"A Calorimetry System for Study..."
A Calorimetry System for Study of Small Ruminant Pastoral Energetics
Install a four-animal calorimetry system, indirect, open-circuit calorimetry system
Use a calorimetry system in conjunction with other techniques to determine energy expenditure by goats with different grazing/browsing conditions

"Energy for the Productive Caprine"
Energy for the Productive Caprine
General objective
Determine key, fundamental, basic or most essential energy requirements for the different classes of goats reared in the US
Specific objectives are to quantify:
Maintenance energy requirements
Energy costs for live weight gain or growth
Energy use in gestation with single, twin, or triplet kids
The energy requirement for lactation
Energy demands for mohair fiber growth

"Diet Selection and Performance by..."
Diet Selection and Performance by Sheep and Goats Grazing Mixed Pastures
Overall objective - evaluate stocking rate effects on pastures that contain various forbs and grasses and co-grazed with goats and sheep
Specific objectives:
Measure growth performance of kids and lambs on pastures containing a complex mixture of grasses and forbs, and pastures that are alley cropped with mimosa
Determine the quality and productivity of mimosa as browse in pastures co- grazed with goats and sheep
Study the interaction between stocking rate and time in affecting quantity and quality of the major botanical components, animal weight gain, and diet selectivity
Determine the most suitable stocking rate that provides the highest total grain per unit land area with the least amount of change in botanical composition

"Use of Goats for Sustainable..."
Use of Goats for Sustainable Vegetation
Management in Grazing Lands
Primary goal - increase appropriate employment of goats in sustainable vegetation management in grazing lands of the south-central US, with particular emphasis on Native American Nation tribal lands or lands of tribal members
Specific objectives
Investigate effects of various goat management methods for vegetation rehabilitation/control in different grazing land settings in the south-central US
Demonstrate and display appropriate means of vegetation management with goats, as well as to provide education in other related management areas
Develop an information package on optimal use of goats for grazing land vegetation management to ensure long-term, sustainable, and widespread project impact

"Enhanced Goat Production System Technologies..."
Enhanced Goat Production System Technologies for the Southeastern U.S. (regional)
develop and employ a vehicle to appraise use of available resources in goat-producing areas for current production systems
project most appropriate production systems for goat-producing regions based on presently available resources, and evaluate changes in resources or system components necessary for adoption of alternate, preferred systems
conduct research to enhance efficiency of extant or alternate production systems or practices
transfer knowledge and technologies to present and potential goat producers based on compatibility with available resources

"Other Experiments"
Other Experiments
Effects of different milk feeding regimes on Alpine kid performance
Effects of creep feeding on growth by Spanish and Spanish × Boer kids of Spanish does
Effect of frequency of nitrogen supplementation on pregnancy, lactation, and fiber production by Angora goats
Post-weaning nutritional schemes for summer/fall-born Spanish kids

"Effects of different lengths of..."
Effects of different lengths of low and high nutritional planes on performance of yearling Spanish and Boer x Spanish doelings
Cool-season forages for Angoras goats in Oklahoma
Effects of body weight and composition on early growth of meat goats while grazing wheat pasture