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Bakery product, dried

Barley grain

Barley grain, steam rolled

Beet pulp, wet

Beet pulp, dried

Beet pulp, wet, with molasses

Beet pulp, dried, with molasses

Block, 30% (10 NPN)1

Blood meal

Bone meal, steamed

Brewers grains, wet

Brewers grains, dried

Calf starter1

Cassava tubers, dehydrated2

Cassava tubers, fresh2

Cassava tubers, peeled, fresh2

Citrus pulp, dried

Corn grain, whole

Corn grain, rolled or ground or cracked

Corn grain, flaked

Corn grain, high moisture

Corn and cob meal

Corn screenings

Canola meal, solvent

Coconut meal

Corn gluten feed

Corn gluten meal, 41% CP

Corn gluten meal, 60% CP

Cottonseed, whole

Cottonseed, whole, delinted

Cottonseed meal, mech, 41% CP

Cottonseed meal, solvent, 41% CP

Dairy feed, 16%*

Distillers grain, wet

Distillers grain, barley

Distillers grain, corn, dry

Distillers grain, corn, wet

Distillers grain, corn with solubles

Distillers corn stillage

Distillers grain, sorghum, dry

Distillers grain, sorghum, wet

Distillers grain, sorghum with solubles

Distillers dried solubles

Fat, animal, poultry, vegetable

Feather meal, hydrolyzed

Fish meal

Hominy feed

Langston buck pellets1

Linseed meal, solvent

Meat meal

Molasses, beet

Molasses, cane

Molasses, cane, dried

Molasses, citrus

Molasses, wood, hemicellulose

Oat grain

Oat groats

Oat middlings

Palm kernel meal, mechanical extraction2

Palm kernel meal, solvent extraction2

Peanut meal, solvent

Peanut skins

Pearl millet, grain

Peas, cull

Potatoes, cull

Potato waste, wet

Potato waste, dried

Potato waste, wet with lime

Potato waste, filter cake

Poultry byproduct meal

Poultry litter, dried

Poultry manure, dried

Protein block1

Range cubes, 20%1

Rice grain

Rice polishings

Rice bran

Rye grain

Show goat feed1

Sorghum grain (milo), ground

Sorghum grain (milo), flaked

Soybean hulls

Spelt grain

Soybeans, whole

Soybeans, whole, extruded

Soybeans, whole, roasted

Soybean meal, solvent, 44% CP

Soybean meal, solvent, 49% CP

Sunflower seed, meal, solvent

Sunflower seed, meal with hulls

Sweet feed1

Triticale grain

Turnip roots

Urea, 46% N

Wheat grain

Wheat grain, hard

Wheat grain, soft

Wheat grain, flaked

Wheat grain, sprouted

Wheat bran

Wheat middlings

Wheat mill run

Wheat shorts

Whey, dried


Alfalfa cubes

Alfalfa, dehydrated

Alfalfa hay, early bloom

Alfalfa hay, midbloom

Alfalfa hay, full bloom

Alfalfa hay, mature

Alfalfa leaf meal

Alfalfa stems

Alfalfa, fresh

Alfalfa silage

Alfalfa silage, wilted

Apple pomace, dry

Apple pomace, wet

Bahiagrass hay

Barley hay

Barley silage, mature

Barley straw

Beet pulp, dried

Beet pulp, wet

Bermudagrass, fall1

Bermudagrass, winter1

Bermudagrass, stockpiled1

Bermudagrass, Coastal, dehydrated

Bermudagrass hay, Coastal

Bermudagrass hay

Birdsfoot trefoil hay

Bromegrass hay

Barley silage

Bermudagrass silage

Birdsfoot trefoil, fresh

Bluegrass, KY, fresh, early bloom

Bromegrass, fresh, immature

Bromegrass haylage

Canarygrass hay

Cassava foliage, fresh2

Cassava foliage, dehydrated2

Cassava foliage, ensiled2

Cassava peels, fresh2

Cassava peels, dry2,3

Clover hay, ladino

Clover hay, red

Clover hay, sweet

Corn bran

Corn, whole plant, pelleted

Corn fodder

Corn stover, mature (stalks)

Corn cobs

Cottonseed hulls

Clover, ladino, fresh

Clover, red, fresh

Corn silage, milk stage

Corn silage, mature, well eared

Elephant (Napier) grass hay, chopped2

Fescue, Kentucky 31, fresh

Fescue, stockpiled1

Fescue hay, Kentucky 31, early bloom

Fescue hay, Kentucky 31, mature

Grass hay

Grass silage

Kudzu hay

Lespedeza, fresh, early bloom

Lespedeza hay

Meadow hay

Oat hay

Oat silage

Oat straw

Oat hulls

Orchardgrass, fresh, early bloom

Orchardgrass hay

Orchardgrass hay, second cut

Pea vine, hay

Pea vine, silage

Pea, straw

Peanut hulls

Prairie hay

Range, early summer1

Range, late summer1

Range, fall1

Range, winter1

Rice straw

Rice straw, ammoniated

Rice hulls

Rice mill byproduct

Rye grass hay

Rye grass silage

Rye straw

Sanfoin hay

Sorghum stover

Soybean hay

Soybean straw

Sagebrush, fresh

Sorghum silage

Sunflower seed hulls

Sugar cane bagasse

Sudangrass hay

Sudgrass, fresh, immature

Sudangrass silage

Timothy, fresh, pre-bloom

Timothy hay, early bloom

Timothy hay, full bloom

Timothy silage

Triticale hay

Vetch hay

Wheat hay

Wheat straw

Wheat straw, ammoniated

Wheat grass, crested, hay

Wheat, fresh, pasture

Wheat silage

Wheat pasture

Wheatgrass, crested, fresh, early bloom

Wheatgrass, crested, fresh, full bloom


Ammonium chloride

Ammonium sulfate

Diammonium phosphate

Dicalcium phosphate

Limestone, calcium carbonate

Limestone, dolomitic

Magnesium oxide

Monoammonium phosphate

Mono-dicalcium phosphate

Potassium chloride


Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium sulfate, decahydrate, Na2SO4 - H2O

Sodium tripolyphosphate

Trace mineralized salt 1 (9-10% Ca, 6% P, 35-40% NaCl, 1% Mg, 1% K, 1% S, 125 mg/kg Co, 150 mg/kg I, 5,000 mg/kg Fe, 10 mg/kg Se, 160,000 IU/lb A, 40,000 IU/lb D, 150 IU/lb E)

Trace mineralized salt 2 (3.55% Fe, 3.77% Zn, 1.9% Mn, 1.2% S, 1.07% K, 079% Mg, 0.046% I, 0.009% Co, 0.0026% Se, 1,200,000 IU/lb A, 400,000 IU/lb D, 1,500 IU/lb E)

12-12 mineral (12% Ca, 12% P, 15% NaCl, 2.5% Mg, .1% K, 260 mg/kg Cu, 40 mg/kg Se, 3,800 mg/kg Zn, 100 mg/kg I, 475 mg/kg Fe, 32 mg/kg Co, 200,000 IU/lb A, 20,000 IU/lb D)

12-8 mineral (12% Ca, 8% P, 15% NaCl, 2.5% Mg, .1% K, 260 mg/kg Cu, 40 mg/kg Se, 3,800 mg/kg Zn, 100 mg/kg I, 475 mg/kg Fe, 32 mg/kg Co, 200,000 IU/lb A, 20,000 IU/lb D)

Trace mineral mixture 1 (275 mg/kg Co, 2,000 mg/kg I, 43,746 mg/kg Fe, 750 mg/kg Se, 18,748 mg/kg Cu, 68,744 mg/kg Zn, 19,998 mg/kg Mn)


Vitamin premix 1 (18,000 IU/lb A, 3,920 IU/ lb D, 2.45 IU/lb E)

Vitamin premix 2 (4,000,000 IU/lb A, 800,000 IU/lb D, 500 IU/lb E)

Vitamin premix 3 (1,000,000 IU/lb A, 500,000 IU/lb E, 1,000 IU/lb E)

Vitamin A, 30,000 IU/lb as fed

Vitamin E, 50%


Deccox (6%, dose = 0.5 mg/kg BW)

Rumensin 80 or 17.6% (dose = 20 g/ton feed)

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*Concentrate and forage composition values are primarily from Preston (2000). However, listings for concentrates and forages marked with an asterisk were provided by faculty members of Langston University from personal experience.
Preston, R. L. 2000. Typical composition of feeds for cattle and sheep. In: Beef 36(10), 10-20. Intertec Publ. Co. Overland Parks, KS.