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Comparison of goat milk standards with cow milk standards for analyses of somatic cell count, fat, and protein in goat milk

S.S. Zeng

Small Ruminant Research 21:221-225. 1996.

Goat milk standards and cow milk standards were used to calibrate a Fossomatic-300 fluorescent cell counter and Dairylab II infrared milk analyzer for analyses of goat milk samples. Somatic cell counts (SCC) of goat milk were 27% lower (5.5 x 105 mL-1 vs 7.0 x 105 mL-1) when the Fossomatic-300 was calibrated with goat milk SCC standards than with cow milk SCC standards (P < 0.001). When the Dairylab II was calibrated with goat milk component standards, the levels of fat and protein in milk samples were 0.04% and 0.27% higher, respectively, than with cow milk component standards (P < 0.001). The data indicated that Fossomatic instruments and infrared milk analyzers must be calibrated with goat milk standards for more reliable and accurate analysis of goat milk.


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