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Body weight, fleece weight, and wool characteristics of Texel × Romney crossbred hoggets

T. Wuliji1 and K. G. Dodds2

1E (Kika) de la Garza Research Institute for Goats, Langston University, Langston, OK
2AgResearch, Invermay Agricultural Centre, Mosgiel, New Zealand

Live weight, fleece weight and wool characteristics of crossbred hoggets comprising seven genotypes were analyzed for control Romney (CR), Romney selected for high fleece weight (HR), Texel x Romney (TRF1), Texel x Romney intercross (TRF2), Texel x [Texel x Romney] (TTR), [Texel x Romney] x Romney (TRR) and [Poll Dorset x Romney] x [Texel x Romney] (DTR). Birth-rearing rank, birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW), spring weight (SW), greasy fleece weight (GF) were recorded. Wool samples were measured for oven dry yield (%), bulk, fiber diameter, wool brightness (Y) and yellowness (Y-Z). Data were analyzed by residual maximum likelihood (REML), with genotype, year, sex, birth rearing rank and age of dam included as fixed effects, birth date as a covariate and sire as a random effect. Crossbred genotypes had 13 - 23% higher fleece weight than CR (P<0.05) but fleece weights were lower than HR (P<0.05). Wool bulk was increased by 22 - 37% and wool fibre diameter was reduced by about 1.5 m in most crossbred genotypes compared to Romneys (Table 1).Table 1. Genotype least squares means for live weight, fleece weight and wool characteristics.

Geno-type No. BW














CR 181 4.3a 21.5a 45.2a 2.31b 65.6d 23.7a 32.5bc 4.8
HR 136 4.5ab 25.0cd 50.2b 3.26e 64.7cd 25.7b 34.0c 4.8
TRR 470 4.9cd 23.2b 50.8b 2.85d 62.6b 26.4b 32.6b 4.9
TRF1 233 5.0d 25.8d 53.6c 2.66c 63.7bc 29.1c 32.5b 5.1
TRF2 84 4.7bcd 25.9d 54.2c 2.71cd 60.9a 30.0c 32.6abc 5.1
DTR 90 4.6abc 26.1d 55.3c 2.62c 62.7b 32.5d 32.5ab 4.4
TTR 65 4.5ab 24.2bc 48.9b 2.06a 63.3abc 29.0c 30.8a 5.1
Mean SED 0.2 0.6 1.5 0.10 0.9 0.6 0.7 .3ns

Means with different superscripts differ, P<0.05; ns not significant within a column.


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