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Evaluation of predictions of body weight and feed intake by growing crossbred Boer goats with a goat simulation model

M. Villaquiran1, L. Nuti2, T. A. Gipson1, A. L. Goetsch1, and H. D. Blackburn3

1E (Kika) de la Garza American Institute for Goat Research, Langston University, OK, 2Cooperative Agricultural research Center, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX, and 3USDA/ARS/NPA/NSSL/NAGP, Fort Collins, CO

The Texas A&M Goat Simulation Model, with modifications such as of maintenance energy requirements, is being used in a collaborative project involving institutions primarily in the southern US. However, the model was developed before Boer goats and their crossbreds became prevalent in the US. Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate model predictions of BW and accumulative feed intake (air-dry; FI) of growing crossbred Boer goats. Data for model evaluation were derived from Prairie View A&M University. There were four genotypes of wethers: Boer × Nubian (n = 10, age = 131.8 to 245.8 d, and BW = 32.14 to 48.27 kg), Spanish × Boer (n = 8, age = 111.4 to 231.4 d, and BW = 13.73 to 38.27 kg), Boer × Alpine (n = 10, age = 132.4 to 245.4 kg, and BW = 21.86 to 41.77 kg), and Boer × Nubian × Myotonic (n = 10, age = 115.0 to 235.1 d, and BW = 24.00 to 43.05 kg). Body weight and FI were determined at four times within the growing periods. Model evaluation with pooled data was conducted by regressing observed means of BW (BWO) and FI (FIO) against predicted values (BWP and FIP, respectively). The equation for BW was BWO = 3.73 (SE = 3.49) + (0.935 (SE = 0.0970) x BWP) (R2 = 0.86), and that for FI was FIO = -6.84 (SE = 8.062) + (1.012 (SE = 0.0665) X FIP) (R2 = 0.94). In conclusion, the model explained considerable variation in BW and FI of growing crossbred Boer goats and provided unbiased predictions.


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