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Energy expenditure of Angora bucks in peak breeding season using the doubly labeled water technique

C. A. Toerien, T. Sahlu, and W. W. Wong

Journal of Animal Science 77:3096-3105. 1999.

In order to profitably raise livestock, a thorough knowledge of nutritional requirements is necessary, as well as is a good understanding of the nutrients delivered to the animal by consumption of different feedstuffs. There is little information on energy requirements of buck goats during the breeding season. In part this relates to the difficulty and expense in using the few available, appropriate experimental procedures, which must be applied with unrestricted movement and allow expression of individual behavior patterns. Thus, a method known as the doubly-labeled water technique was used to measure energy expenditure of Angora bucks in single-buck breeding groups and peak breeding season. Surprisingly, total energy expenditure during peak breeding season, corrected for energy used in mohair growth, was only 9% greater than the maintenance energy requirement. There was only a weak relationship noted between the number of does marked and energy use attributable to activity, suggesting importance of individuality in style and persistence while courting and a perhaps less than expected influence of the number of does. In conclusion, breeding activities in single-buck breeding groups did not markedly increase energy requirements of Angora bucks.


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