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Effects of level and source of supplemental protein in a concentrate-based diet on growth performance of Boer × Spanish wether goats

S. Soto-Navarro, A. L. Goetsch, T. Sahlu, and R. Puchala

Small Ruminant Research 51:101-106. 2004

The quantity and quality of protein reaching the small intestine are influenced by microbial protein synthesized in the rumen and by ruminally undegraded intake protein. When amino acid requirements are high, ruminally produced microbial protein may not meet tissue amino acid needs. In addition to the importance of the quantity of protein reaching the small intestine, the array of specific amino acids can have impact as well. Different sources of protein are available that vary in both susceptibility to ruminal degradation and in amino acid composition. Therefore objectives of this experiment were to determine effects of dietary crude protein (CP) level (13 or 19%) and source of supplemental protein on growth performance of weaned Boer Spanish wether goats. Diets were 70% concentrate, had a ratio of ruminally degraded intake protein (DIP) to total digestible nutrients (TDN) of at least 0.09 and were formulated to maximize ruminally undegradaed protein from supplemental protein sources. Results of the experiment suggest that the dietary CP requirement of growing Boer crossbred wethers consuming a high concentrate diet is no greater than 13% and that a DIP:TDN ratio of 0.09 is adequate. Supplemental protein sources differing in amino acid profile may not impact DM intake or ADG with high concentrate diets at least 13% in CP.


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