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2012 Scientific Articles (abstract of articles)

  1. Effects of concentrate supplementation on growth performance of Arsi-Bale and Boer Arsi-Bale male goats consuming low-quality grass hay
    • Mohammed, S., M. urge, G. Animut, K. Awigechew, G. Abebe, and A. L. Goetsch

  2. Effects of small ruminant type and level of intake on metabolism
    • Asmare, A., R. Puchala, K. Tesfai, G. Detweiler, L. Dawson, A. Askar, Z. Wang, and A. Goetsch

  3. Conditions to test electric fence additions to cattle barb wire fence for goat containment
    • Goetsch, A. L., G. D. Detweiler, R. Puchala, T. Sahlu, and T. A. Gipson

  4. Optimum duration of performance testing for growth, feed intake, and feed efficiency in growing Boer bucks
    • Hu, W., T. A. Gipson, S. P. Hart, L. J. Dawson, T. Sahlu, and A. L. Goetsch

  5. Effects of form of leftover khat (Catha edulis) on feed intake, digestion, and growth performance of Hararghe Highland goats
    • Wallie, M., Y. Mekasha, M. Urge, G. Abebe, and A. L. Goetsch


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