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2001 Scientific Articles (abstract of articles)

  1. Effects of dietary tallow level on performance of Alpine does in early lactation
    • I. E. Brown-Crowder, S. P. Hart, M. Cameron, T. Sahlu, and A. L. Goetsch

  2. Growth and slaughter traits of Boer × Spanish, Boer × Angora, and Spanish goats consuming a concentrate-based diet
    • M. R. Cameron, J. Luo, T. Sahlu, S. P. Hart, S. W. Coleman, and A. L. Goetsch

  3. Effects of gender and age on performance and slaughter and carcass characteristics of Boer × Spanish goats
    • M. R. Cameron, S. P. Hart, T. Sahlu, C. Gilchrist, S. W. Coleman, and A. L. Goetsch

  4. Effects of different management practices on preweaning and early postweaning growth of Alpine kids
    • A. L. Goetsch, G. Detweiler, T. Sahlu, and L. J. Dawson

  5. Dairy goat performance with different dietary concentrate levels in late lactations
    • A. L. Goetsch, G. Detweiler, T. Sahlu, R. Puchala, and L. J. Dawson

  6. Recent Perspectives in Using Goats for Vegetation Management in the USA
    • S. P. Hart

  7. Digestibility, nitrogen balance and blood metabolite levels in Alpine goat wethers fed either water oak or shining sumac leaves
    • R. C. Merkel, C. Toerien, T. Sahlu, and C. Blanche

  8. Effects of bovine somatotropin and thyroid hormone status on hormone levels, body weight gain, and mohair fiber growth of Angora goats
    • R. Puchala, I. Prieto, V. Banskalieva, A. L. Goetsch, M. Lachica, and T. Sahlu


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