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2000 Scientific Articles (abstract of articles)

  1. Fatty acid composition of goat muscles and fat depots
    • V. Banskalieva, T. Sahlu, and A. L. Goetsch

  2. Effects of dietary sulfur level on amino acid concentrations in ruminal bacteria from ruminal fluid of goats
    • H. Carneiro, R. Puchala, F. N. Owens, T. Sahlu, K. Qi, and A. L. Goetsch

  3. Effect of restricted consumption of water and(or) dry matter in milk replacer on growth by male and female Alpine kids
    • A. L. Goetsch, R. Puchala, M. Lachica, T. Sahlu, and L. J. Dawson

  4. Effects of limited concentrate intake following forage on subsequent performance of lambs consuming concentrate
    • A. L. Goetsch and G. E. Aiken

  5. Effects of dietary levels of forage and ruminally undegraded protein on early lactation milk yield by Alpine does and doelings
    • A. L. Goetsch, R. Puchala, M. Lachica, T. Sahlu, and L. J. Dawson

  6. Growth and cashmere production by Spanish goats consuming ad libitum diets differing in protein and energy levels
    • D. S. Ivey, F. N. Owens, T. Sahlu, T. H. Teh, P. L. Claypool, and A. L. Goetsch

  7. Influences of the number of fetuses and levels of CP and ME in gestation and lactation supplements on performance of Spanish does and kids during suckling and post-weaning
    • D. S. Ivey, F. N. Owens, T. Sahlu, T. H. Th, L. J. Dawson, G. A. Campbell, and A. L. Goetsch

  8. Defleecing of Angora and Spanish goats using Leucaena
    • A. J. Litherland, A. Yami, T. Sahlu, and A. L. Goetsch

  9. Effects of dietary protein source on fleece and live weight gain in Angora doelings
    • A. J. Litherland, T. Sahlu, C. A. Toerien, R. Puchala, K. Tesfai, and A. L. Goetsch

  10. Effects of season on fleece traits of Angora does in the U.S.
    • A. J. Litherland, C. Toerien, T. Sahlu, P. Lee, and A. L. Goetsch

  11. Growth of Spanish, Boer × Angora and Boer × Spanish goat kids fed milk replacer
    • J. Luo, T. Sahlu, M. Cameron, and A. L. Goetsch

  12. Effects of mimosine on fiber shedding, follicle activity, and fiber regrowth in Spanish goats
    • J. Luo, A. J. Litherland, T. Sahlu, R. Puchala, M. Lachica, and A. L. Goetsch

  13. Growth and carcass traits of Boer × Alpine wethers slaughtered at the ages of 31 and 50 weeks
    • J. Luo, T. Sahlu, and A. L. Goetsch

  14. Effects of dietary protein concentration on postweaning growth of Boer crossbred and Spanish goat wethers
    • I. Prieto, A. L. Goetsch, V. Banskalieva, M. Cameron, R. Puchala, T. Sahlu, L. J. Dawson, and S. W. Coleman

  15. Effects of dietary level of Leucaena leucocephala on performance of Angora and Spanish doelings
    • A. Yami, A. J. Litherland, J. J. Davis, T. Sahlu, R. Puchala, and A. L. Goetsch


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