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1996 Scientific Articles (abstract of articles)

  1. A review of factors leading to high fleece production in Angora compared to down-producing goats
    • A. J. Litherland, and T. Sahlu

  2. Effects of lysine and hormones on amino acid concentration in the skin of Angora goats
    • S.G. Pierzynowski, R. Puchala, T. Sahlu, S.P. Hart

  3. Effects of mimosine administered to a perfused area of skin in Angora goats
    • R. Puchala, S.G. Pierzynowski, T. Sahlu and S.P. Hart

  4. Determination of mimosine and 3,4-dihydroxypyridine in milk and plasma of goats
    • R. Puchala, J. J. Davis and T. Sahlu

  5. The effects of various levels of lysine infused intraperitoneally on mohair quality and nitrogen metabolism in Angora goats
    • M. Smuts-Ayers, and T. Sahlu

  6. Effect of breed and milking method on somatic cell count, standard plate count, and composition of goat milk
    • S.S. Zeng and E.N. Escobar

  7. Evaluation of screening tests for detection of antibiotic residues in goat milk
    • S.S. Zeng, E.N. Escobar, and I. Brown-Crowder

  8. Comparison of goat milk standards with cow milk standards for analyses of somatic cell count, fat, and protein in goat milk
    • S.S. Zeng


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