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1994 Scientific Articles (abstract of articles)

  1. Blood metabolite and regulatory hormone concentrations and response to metabolic challenges during the infusion of mimosine and 2,3-dihydroxypyridine in Alpine goats
    • A. Al-Dehneh, S. G. Pierzynowski, M. Smuts, T. Sahlu, and J. M. Fernandez

  2. Determination of fetal numbers in Alpine does by real-time ultrasonography
    • L. J. Dawson, T. Sahlu, S. P. Hart, G. Detweiler, T. A. Gipson, T. H. Teh, G. A. Henry, and R. J. Bahr

  3. Local infusion of glucose and insulin in isolated skin perfusion sites in Angora goats
    • S. G. Pierzynowski, T. Sahlu, R. Puchala, S. P. Hart, and A. Al-Dehneh

  4. The nutritional control of the growth and properties of mohair and wool fibers: a comparative review
    • P. J. Reis and T. Sahlu

  5. Varying amounts of rumen-inert fat for high producting goats in early lactation
    • T. H. Teh, L. T. Trung, Z. H. Jia, T. A. Gipson, K. B. Ogden, and T. F. Sweeney


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