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1992 Scientific Articles (abstract of articles)

  1. Sulfate supplementation of Alpine goats: effects on milk yield and composition, metabolites, nutrient digestibilties, and acid-base balance
    • K. Qi, C. D. Lu, and F. N. Owens

  2. Sulfate supplementation of Angora goats: metabolic and mohair responses
    • K. Qi, C. D. Lu, F. N. Owens, and C. J. Lupton

  3. Effect of intraperitoneal administration of lysine and methionine on mohair yield and quality in Angora goats
    • T. Sahlu, and J. M. Fernandez

  4. Influence of dietary protein on performance of dairy goats during pregnancy
    • T. Sahlu, J. M. Fernandez, C. D. Lu, and M. J. Potchoiba

  5. Dietary protein level and ruminal degradability for mohair production in Angora goats
    • T. Sahlu, J. M. Fernandez, C. D. Lu, and R. Manning

  6. Application of 13CO2 measurements to the estimation of energy expenditure in goats
    • T. Sahlu, S. P. Hart, P. D. Klein, N. Jacquemet, and H. Carneiro

  7. Production performance and physiological responses of Angora goat kids fed acidified milk replacer
    • T. Sahlu, H. Carneiro, H. M. El Shaer, and J. M. Fernandez

  8. Dietary fiber and milk yield, mastication, digestion, and rate of passage in goats fed alfalfa hay
    • F. J. Santini, C. D. Lu, M. J. Potchoiba, and J. M. Fernandez


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