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Enhancing goat production and extension in Ethiopia

R. C. Merkel1, T. Sahlu1, G. Abebe2, G. Animut3, A. L. Goetsch1, and T. A. Gipson1

1E (Kika) de la Garza Institute for Goat Research, Langston University, Langston, OK
2Awassa College of Agriculture, Awassa, Ethiopia
3Alemaya University of Agriculture, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Langston University is collaborating with Awassa College of Agriculture (ACA) and Alemaya University of Agriculture (AUA) in Ethiopia to improve the goat extension activities of theinstitutions as well as regional goat production. This will be done through targeting women livestock producers. Women and children in Ethiopia are largely responsible for the care of goats and for the harvesting and sale of products, such as milk and fiber. Women are also the decision makers in what their family consumes and how a major portion of the household budget is spent. Putting goats in the hands of women will provide them with products (milk and meat) that could be used for household consumption or for sale. Cash income realized from such sales can then be used for purchased foodstuffs, educational or health-related expenses or other household needs. Goat "packets", consisting of four to six does and one buck, will be given to women cooperators with the stipulation that they return to the project several young does that will enter a pool for distribution to new cooperators. A training program tailored to present the basics of goat production, feeding and management will be presented to the women. Tree legume seeds and forages will be made available for the women to plant. ACA and AUA personnel will monitor the progress of the cooperators as well as offering assistance and further training. Activities completed are: selection of cooperators, initiation of training programs, preparation of seeds, forages and animals for distribution.


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