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Nutritional flushing to increase ovulation and kidding rate in Spanish meat goats

S. Hart, M. Cameron, L. Dawson, I. Prieto, T. Gipson, and T. Sahlu

E (Kika) de la Garza Institute for Goat Research, Langston University, Langston, OK

Prebreeding supplementation was used to study the effect of flushing on ovulation and conception rate and litter size. Multiparous Spanish does were divided into four groups of 24 animals based on previous litter size, BW, and body condition score (avg 2.3). Treatments included long term energy (LE; 40 d, 0.25 kg corn-based supplement), short term energy (SE; 20 d, 0.25 kg corn-based supplement), short term protein (SP; 20 d, 0.25 kg supplement with 20% menhaden fishmeal), and an unsupplemented control (C). All does consumed millet hay (6.6% CP) ad libitum throughout the study. Does were weighed and body condition scored prior to breeding, and does from each treatment were randomized to one of three bucks for breeding. All does received 0.25 kg of corn-based supplement for the first 3 wk of breeding. Corpus lutea, pregnancy status, and litter size were determined by ultrasound. Flushing with protein (SP) increased body condition prebreeding more than C, with LE and SE being intermediate (0.57, 0.30, 0.38, and 0.39; P < 0.10). However, flushing did not increase (P > 0.5) fetal number or ovulation rate (1.59, 1.74, 1.88, 1.78; 2.45, 2.17, 2.21, and 2.29 for LE, SE, SP, and C, respectively). Conception rates were greater than 92%. Neither body condition, body weight, nor change in body condition or body weight were associated with fetal number. These nutritional flushing treatments did not improve ovulation rate, conception rate, or litter size of Spanish does.


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