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Factors affecting sale price of performance-tested meat bucks

T. A. Gipson, T. McKinney, and T. Sahlu

E (Kika) de la Garza Institute for Goat Research, Langston University, Langston, OK

Increased attention in the United States has focused upon meat production in goats and correspondingly, upon methods to select genetically superior breeding stock. Langston University in collaboration with the Oklahoma Meat Goat Association has established a performance test for meat bucks to measure growth and feed efficiency. In 1999, forty-seven bucks were enrolled in the performance test. Following the performance test, an auction sale was held and 30 of the performance-tested bucks were sold. The objective of this study was to determine performance test factors that affect sale price. Performance test traits included average daily gain (g/d), feed efficiency (g gain/g feed intake), final weight (kg), total gain (g), loin-eye area (cm2), rear leg circumference (cm), breed type (Boer or BoerX), breeder and an index score calculated using average daily gain, feed efficiency, loin-eye area, and rear leg circumference. None of the performance test traits affected (P>.10) the breeders' decision either to sell the buck or to keep it for themselves. Breed type was the only performance test trait to affect significantly (P<.01) the sale price with purebred Boer bucks selling for twice that of crossbred bucks, $233 vs. $116, respectively. Buyers of performance-tested bucks appear to rely upon factors other than those measured in the performance test. They perhaps rely upon visual factors such as conformation or color patterns or upon other factors such as pedigree.


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