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2013 Goat Field Day

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Our annual Goat Field Day will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at the Langston University Goat Farm with registration beginning at 8:00 a.m. This year's theme will be Enhancing Goat Products.

Adult Activity (morning session): This year our featured speakers will be Mr. Patrick Anglade and Drs. Ken McMillin, Jeffrey Gillespie, and Frank Pinkerton.

Mr. Patrick Anglade is the owner/operator of Consultant of Formation en Fromagerie based in Pyrenees, France. Patrick holds a Master of Cheese Technology at the Milk Industry and Economy University of Rennes. Patrick is author of the reference book “La fromagerie à la ferme” [farmstead cheesemaking] and conducts workshops and training sessions on establishing an on-farm dairy processing facility that will comply with local and federal health guidelines. Patrick effectively guides producers through a maze of topics, including business plans, cheese ripening, production hazard analysis, troubleshooting manufacturing defects, and all other issues dealing with milk, yoghurt, lactic, soft and hard cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses, and raw and pasteurized milk cheeses. Patrick has lead training sessions and/or consultations for organizations in France, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

Dr. Jeffrey Gillespie is the Martin D. Woodin Endowed Professor in the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Jeff conducts research on livestock and aquaculture production economics and farm management, including estimation of costs of production, adoption of technology, and farm efficiency. He teaches an undergraduate introduction to agricultural economics course and graduate courses on production economics and operations research. Jeff recently served as Editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics and has published widely in both peer-reviewed agricultural economics journals and in the popular press. Awards at both the University and professional association levels have recognized his teaching and research contributions.

Dr. Ken McMillin is the Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. McFatter Professor of Animal Science in the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center School of Animal Sciences and Department of Food Science. Ken conducts research in meat processing, packaging, food safety, and goat meat and instructs courses in meats, meat processing, contemporary issues in the animal sciences, and growth and development of meat animals. Ken speaks frequently to trade groups and professional organizations and is a contributor to the Goat Rancher Magazine. He also travels internationally on USDA and USAID projects, serves on the Meat Science Editorial Board, is a Professional Animal Scientist, and a Fellow in both American Meat Science Association and Institute of Food Technologists professional organizations.

Dr. Frank Pinkerton, aka The Goat Man, started his goat career at the International Dairy Goat Research Center of Prairie View A&M University in 1978. In 1983, Frank relocated to Langston University to conduct extension work in dairy, Angora, and meat goats. Frank retired in 1993 to raise meat goats in east TX and do consulting work in goat management and marketing. During his 40+ year career, Frank has published numerous scientific articles and technical bulletins on dairy, Angora, and meat goats. Frank also conducted 13 international consultancies on livestock and goat nutrition and 16 domestic consultancies on goat management and marketing, not to mention conducting 5 large-scale goat-grazing demonstrations for vegetative control in public forests and grasslands. Since March of 2005, Frank has written a monthly question-and-answer column for The Goat Rancher and also to share occasional articles on various facets of the industry.

Adult Activity (afternoon session): In the afternoon session, participants will break into small-group workshops. There will be a total of twelve workshops; however, participants will only have time enough to attend three.

The afternoon workshops include:

  • French Goat Cheeses - an overview of French cheesemaking with Mr. Patrick Anglade.

  • Meat Goat Industry Status Report and Observations for Profitability - what every producer should know about the meat goat industry with Drs. Ken McMillin, Jeff Gillespie, and Frank Pinkerton.

  • Internal Parasite Control - sustainable internal parasite control program with Dr. Dave Sparks.

  • Basic Herd Health - herd health program including vaccinations, injection sites, and approved drugs with Dr. Lionel Dawson.

  • The Art of Drawing and Illustrating - basics of how to draw any type of goat with Mr. Ken Williams.

  • Nutrition for Health and Production - calculations of feed intake and of energy and protein requirements with Dr. Steve Hart.

  • Goat Reproduction - basics of goat reproduction and techniques and equipment for artificial insemination in goats with Dr. Erick Loetz.

  • DHI Training - supervisor/tester training for dairy goat producers including scale certification with Ms. Eva Vasquez.

  • Body Condition Scoring - practical application of body condition scoring and its use in herd management with Mr. Jerry Hayes.

  • USDA Government Programs - overview of USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service's work with goats and its cost-sharing program with Mr. Dwight Guy.

  • Mortality Composting - basic composting techniques and equipment for disposing of goat mortalities with Dr. Roger Merkel.

  • Fitting and Showing for Youth and Adults - tips and pointers on fitting and show ring etiquette with Ms. Kay Garrett (this is a half-day afternoon workshop).

Fun Tent Youth Activity: Ms. Sheila Stevenson will host a full day of activities for youth ages 5-12 in the Fun Tent. This will allow the parents and older teens to enjoy the workshops knowing that their little ones are having fun in a safe environment. Last year, some activities included Pony Rides; Kid Petting Area; Face Painting; Exercise; Photo Greeting Cards; a Movie Room and many others. This year's Youth Fun Tent activities will include those activities as well as some new activities including Cool Science (ages 9 & up); Geo Boards (9 & up); Leather Craft (9 & up); and Environmental Exploration (9 & up).

GPS Scavenger Hunt Youth Activity: Ms. Sheila Stevenson will also organize a ½-day GPS scavenger hunt on campus, weather permitting. Youth will learn the basics of GPS and will use a GPS unit to find "hidden" objects.

Fitting and Showing Youth Activity: In the afternoon, youth and interested adults will be able to participate in a half-day clipping, fitting, and showing workshop conducted by Ms. Kay Garrett of the Oklahoma Meat Goat Association. Participants will have the opportunity to have hands-on practice of clipping, fitting, and showing a goat.

Registration for the Goat Field Day is FREE but there is a $10.00 per person charge for the optional barbecued goat lunch and goat milk ice cream for dessert. You can bring your own lunch, if you desire. Regardless of lunch preferences, we ask everyone to pre-register.

Our ever-popular goat milk cheesemaking workshop has been scheduled on Friday, April 26, 2013 (the day before our annual Goat Field Day on April 27). Mr. Patrick Anglade, Consultant of Formation en Fromagerie based in Pyrenees, France, will be our distinguished Invited Instructor for this year’s workshop. Patrick is an internationally renowned cheese entrepreneur, creator, and evaluator in the world of cheese. He has hosted cheesemaking workshops, judged cheese contests and designed cheese plants in many countries. He will share with us his rich background, hands-on experience and masterful skills in small-scale and homestead cheese manufacture. He will demonstrate basic principles and practical skills of making authentic French cheeses using our own Grade “A” goat milk. Milk quality, laboratory testing, cheesemaking facility and marketing strategies will also be discussed. This one-day hands-on workshop will be held in the pilot creamery at Langston University. For the cheesemaking workshop, there is a registration fee of $100.00/person, which includes continental breakfast and lunch consisting of goat meat barbecue, sausage and jerky and goat milk ice cream and cheeses, etc. Only the first 20 registrants will be admitted.

For information regarding the cheesemaking workshop, please contact Dr. Steve Zeng, Dairy Product Specialist, at (405)466-6145 or szeng@langston.edu.

For information regarding the 2013 Goat Field Day, please contact Dr. Terry Gipson at (405)466-6126 or at tgipson@langston.edu

Register online for the 2013 Goat Field Day


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