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2007 Goat Field Day

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Our annual Goat Field Day will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2007 at the Langston University Goat Farm with registration beginning at 8:00 a.m. This year's theme will be Herd Health - Old, New, and Emerging Issues.

Adult Activity (morning session): This year, our featured speakers will be Dr. Bruce Olcott of Louisiana State University, who will speak on Goat Herd Health Procedures and Prevention with Emphasis on Biosecurity, and Dr. Lionel Dawson of Oklahoma State University, who will speak on Common and Uncommon Diseases of the Goat.

Dr. Bruce Olcott, DVM, MS, MBA is an Associate Professor at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He received his BS from William & Mary in 1974 and his DVM from the University of Georgia in 1978. Dr. Olcott received his Master's degree from Washington State University in 1981 and his MBA from Louisiana State University in 1995. He and his wife, Dr. Donya Olcott, operate a farm with 250 goats and sheep.

Dr. Lionel Dawson, DVM, MS is a faculty member in the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in the College of Veterinary Medicine of Oklahoma State University. He received his undergraduate degree at Madras Christian College and professional degree at the Madras Veterinary College. After completing veterinary school, Dr. Dawson moved to Iowa where he did graduate work in Theriogenology at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. Dr. Dawson is board certified with the American College of Theriogenologists. In July of 1998, Dr. Dawson received a joint appointment between Oklahoma State University and Langston University.

Adult Activity (afternoon session): In the afternoon session, participants will break into small-group workshops. There will be a total of thirteen workshops; however, participants will only have time enough to attend three.

The afternoon workshops include:

  • Continued Biosecurity/Prevention session with Dr. Bruce Olcott,

  • Continued Goat Diseases session with Dr. Lionel Dawson,

  • Basic Goat Husbandry - hoof trimming, injection sites, farm management calendar, disbudding, etc. with Mr. Jerry Hayes,

  • Nutrition for Health and Production - calculation of energy, protein and feed intake requirements and ration balancing using our Internet-based calculation system with Dr. Steve Hart,

  • Cheesemaking Overview - basics of cheesemaking with Dr. Steve Zeng,

  • Tanning Goat Hides - demonstration of basic goat hide tanning techniques with Dr. Roger Merkel,

  • Body Condition Score as a Management Tool - overview/hands-on of conducting body condition scoring for management use in meat, dairy or fiber goat production with Dr. Maristela Rovai,

  • Managing External Pests - control of external parasites and pests on goats with Dr. Justin Talley,

  • Internal Parasite Control - sustainable internal parasite control program with Dr. Dave Sparks,

  • Introduction to Goat Barbecue - overview of how to prepare goat barbecue with Mr. Willy Young,

  • USDA Government Programs - overview of USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s work with goats and its cost-sharing program with Mr. Dwight Guy,

  • DHI Training - supervisor/tester training for dairy goat producers including scale certification with Ms. Eva Vasquez,

  • Fitting and Showing for Youth and Adults - tips and pointers on fitting and show ring etiquette with Ms. Kay Garrett.

All Day Youth Activity: Ms. Sheila Stevenson will host a full day of activities for youth ages 5-12 in the Fun Tent. This will allow the parents and older teens to enjoy the workshops knowing that their little ones are having fun in a safe environment. Last year, some activities included goat education (i.e., goat petting area, goat bingo), pony and horseback riding, fishing, PYOP (pot your own plant), and many other activities. This year's Youth Fun Tent activities have not yet been finalized but Sheila assures you that they will be as much fun as last year.

Half Day Youth Activity (morning): The Oklahoma Goat Producers Association will be sponsoring three contests during the 2007 Langston University Goat Field Day, Saturday, April 28th. Check in time is at 9:00 am and the contests begin promptly at 10 am in the Agriculture Research, Education, and Extension Complex (new agriculture building). Registrations must be received no later than March 30, 2007 to be considered.

    Poster Contest (morning session)

      The theme for the poster contest will be "Why Goat Products Are Good For You". Each poster will be scored on originality, neatness, clarity of message, artistic quality and visual appeal.
        • Junior Division: 12 and under
        • Senior Division: 13-18
        Awards (each Junior and Senior Division):
        • 1st Place: $25
        • 2nd Place: $20
        • 3rd Place: $15

    Speech Contest (morning session)

      Contestants may present their speech on any aspect of the goat industry. Please note that contestants who are entering the speech contest will not be allowed to use any props or visual aids of any kind. Contestants will be judged on articulation, poise, appearance, presentation, eye contact, and knowledge of the subject.
        • Junior Division: 12 and under; length (3-5 minutes)
        • Senior Division: 13-18; length (5-8 minutes)
        Awards (each Junior and Senior Division):
        • 1st Place: $40
        • 2nd Place: $30
        • 3rd Place: $20

    PowerPoint Presentation Contest (morning session)

      Contestants may present their PowerPoint on any aspect of the goat industry. PowerPoint contestants will need to bring their presentations on a flash drive so that it can be downloaded for their presentation. Contestants will be judged on originality, artistic quality and visual appeal.
        • Junior Division: 12 and under; length (3-5 minutes)
        • Senior Division: 13-18; length (5-8 minutes)
        Awards (each Junior and Senior Division):
        • 1st Place: $40
        • 2nd Place: $30
        • 3rd Place: $20

Half Day Youth Activity (afternoon): Other youth and interested adults will be able to participate in a half-day clipping, fitting, and showing workshop conducted by Ms. Kay Garrett of the Oklahoma Meat Goat Association. Participants will have the opportunity to have hands-on practice of clipping and fitting a goat and then show it before a judge in the show ring.

Registration for the Goat Field Day is FREE but there is a $10.00 per person charge for the optional barbecued goat lunch. You can bring your own lunch and picnic on the grounds or you can pre-register for a lunch of barbecued goat.

This year we will have a goat cheese making workshop on Friday, April 27, the day before the Goat Field Day. This will be a hands-on workshop and there will be a registration fee of $25.00 and only the first 15 registrants will be admitted. You must pre-register by calling Dr. Zeng at 405-466-6103.

For information regarding the 2007 Goat Field Day, contact Dr. Terry Gipson at (405)466-6126 or at tgipson@luresext.edu

Register online for the 2007 Goat Field Day


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