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2003 Goat Field Day

Our annual Goat Field Day will be held on Saturday, April 26 2003 at the Langston University Goat Farm with registration beginning at 8:00 a.m. This year's theme will be Export Potential, Market Outlook, and Value-Added Processing. This year, we will hear from leaders in the dairy, fiber and meat goat industries.

Ms. Linda Campbell, owner and operator of Khimaira Farm, will be our featured speaker for export potential, market outlook, and value-added processing of dairy goats and dairy goat products. Khimaira Farm, located in Luray, Virginia, is a family dairy and meat goat operation. Nubians are the primary breed, with smaller numbers of Saanens, Alpines and black Boers. The Khimaira herd was on official DHIR standard testing for nearly 15 years. Khimaira dairy goats have placed Top Ten in the nation for milk and butterfat. Khimaira herdsires have placed in the USDA Sire Summary Top 15%, with does appearing on the Elite Doe lists. Thousands of Khimaira dairy goats have found homes in every state of the U.S. and more than thirty countries worldwide.

Dr. Joe David Ross, manager of the Cashmere America Co-Operative, will be our featured speaker for export potential, market outlook, and value-added processing of fiber goat products. Cashmere America Cooperative was started in 1991 by a small group of dedicated cashmere producers. Cashmere America Cooperative recognizes that consistence in quality makes for a premium finished product. That is just one of the reasons dedicated growers all across America joined together in the Co-op to establish high and consistent grading standards for their fiber. Dr. Ross is the owner of Ross Builta Farm in Sonora, Texas. Recently, Ross Builta Farm received the 2002 Outstanding Forage Producer award from the Texas Forage and Grassland Council.

Dr. tatiana Stanton, Extension Associate in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell, will be our featured speaker for export potential, market outlook, and value-added processing of meat goats and meat goat products. Dr. Stanton is a staff member of the Northeast Sheep and Goat Marketing Program, which was developed from a grant received by Cornell University from the USDA to improve sheep and goat marketing infrastructure in the Northeast. The Northeast Sheep and Goat Marketing Program seeks to reinvigorate the lamb and goat meat industry in the Northeastern United States by improving producer access to equitable markets while building regional capacity to supply the growing consumer demand for high quality lamb and goat meat. Dr. Stanton also has written several goat factsheets for use in NY State 4-H meat goat projects and has published these factsheets on the Internet so that they are available to 4-H'ers nationwide. Dr. Stanton also operates a goat farm in upstate New York and is very active in the Empire State Meat Goat Producers Association.

In the afternoon session, participants will break into small-group workshops. There will be a total of thirteen workshops; however, participants will only have time enough to attend three. Afternoon workshops include:

  • Export Potential, Market Outlook, and Value-Added Processing of Meat Goats,
  • Export Potential, Market Outlook, and Value-Added Processing of Goat Fiber,
  • Export Potential, Market Outlook, and Value-Added Processing of Dairy Goats/Products,
  • Basic Goat Husbandry I,
  • Basic Goat Husbandry II,
  • Cheesemaking Overview,
  • Dewormer Resistance,
  • Goat Production Budgets,
  • Goat Production Record Keeping,
  • International Activities,
  • Goat Production & Quality Assurance,
  • Pasture-Based Dairying, and
  • Goat Nutrition.

You can bring your own lunch and picnic on the grounds or you can pre-register for a lunch of barbecued goat, beans, potato salad, refreshments and goat milk ice cream. Cost of the lunch is only $7.00 per person.

There will be a youth program in the morning and afternoon. For the younger youth, there will be a craft project and games to play during the morning and afternoon. Therefore, the parents of young children will be able to enjoy the morning and afternoon session while their children are entertained. Youth will enjoy a day of fun-filled activities. Ms. Shelia Stevenson will intersperse 4-H goat activities with activities from the Risk Watch Safety Training program of the National Fire Prevention Association. Youth participants will learn about goat anatomy/physiology and production as well as bicycle safety and fire/burn prevention. Youth will also have the opportunity to participate in a craft project and a fishing derby.

Again, this year we will have a cheesemaking workshop conducted by Pure Luck Texas of Dripping Springs, TX. We will have a full-day cheese workshop the day before the Goat Field Day (Friday, April 25). This workshop will provide participants with a unique, hands-on experience of making cheese with award-winning artisans. In 1998, Pure Luck entered the American Cheese Society competition and won a Blue Ribbon with their Del Cielo in the "Farmstead Goat Cheese" category. In 1999, Pure Luck won another Blue Ribbon, this one for Basil Pesto Spread, made with fresh organic basil grown on the farm. In 2000, Pure Luck won a Blue Ribbon for the Restaurant Pack in the Fresh Goat's Milk Cheese Category. In 2001, Pure Luck won a Blue Ribbon for their Basked Molded Chevre in the category of Farmstead Goat Cheese, a Red Ribbon for Feta in the category of Goat Milk Feta, and a Red Ribbon for Ste. Maure, a soft ripened log in the Soft Ripened Goat Cheese category.

Registration for the Goat Field Day is FREE but there is a $7.00 per person charge for the optional barbecued goat lunch. Please make plans to attend the Goat Field Day now.

For information regarding the 2003 Goat Field Day, contact Dr. Terry Gipson at (405)466-3836 or at tgipson@luresext.edu


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