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Comparison of electronic versus direct microscopic somatic cell counting of goat milk

S. Zeng, E. Garry, E. Vasquez, and B. Bah

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Goats. Page 165. International Goat Association. 2008

Twenty-three individual and four bulk tank goat milk samples were collected from the Langston University Grade-A goat farm to compare the SomaScope electronic somatic cell counter (ESCC) against the pyronin-Y methyl green (PYMG) direct microscopic somatic cell count (DMSCC) method. The PYMG method is considered the standard confirmatory test for somatic cell counts in goat milk for regulatory purposes. The electronic method is used for screening purposes and a conversion factor must be used if the ESCC is calibrated with standards other than that of goat milk matrices. The SomaScope electronic counting device was calibrated using goat milk SCC standards prepared by a certified third party. Instrument SCC of all goat milk samples were obtained following the manufacturers instructions using the FDA 2400 form and the DMSCC with PYMG were conducted immediately after instrument analysis. All samples were analyzed in duplicate. Data were transformed into log base 10 format and statistically analyzed using a Student t-Test. Results indicated that there was no significant difference in SCC between the electronic and the PYMG direct microscopic methods (P>0.05) with means of 5.4227 0.3124 and 5.41960.3457, respectively. Further statistical analysis showed that these two methods had a correlation coefficient of 0.9292. The data indicated that the SomaScope ESCC and PYMG DMSCC methods are comparable and the SomaScope instrument may be used to determine SCC in goat milk when calibrated with goat milk standards.


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