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Effect of proteolysis and calcium equilibrium of natural cheddar cheese during ripening and the resultant processed cheese on functional properties

Wang, F., X. Y. Zhand, J. Luo, H. Y. Guo, S. S. Zeng, and F. Z. Ren

Journal of Food Science 76:E248-253. 2011

The changes in proteolysis, calcium (Ca) equilibrium and functional properties of natural Cheddar cheeses during ripening and the resulted processed cheeses were investigated. For natural Cheddar cheeses, the majority of the changes in pH 4.6 soluble nitrogen as a percentage of total nitrogen (pH 4.6 SN/TN) and the soluble Ca content occurred in the first 90 d of ripening, and subsequently the changes were slight. During ripening, functional properties of natural Cheddar cheeses changed, i.e., , hardness decreased, meltability was improved, storage modulus at 70įC (GíT=70) decreased and the maximum tan delta (TDmax) increased. Both pH 4.6 SN/TN and the soluble Ca were correlated with changes in functional properties of natural Cheddar cheeses during ripening. Kendallís partial correlation analysis indicated that pH 4.6 SN/TN was more significantly correlated with changes in hardness and TDmax. For processed cheeses manufactured from natural Cheddar cheeses with different ripening times, the soluble Ca content did not show significant difference and the trends of changes in hardness, meltability, GíT=70 and TDmax were similar to those of natural Cheddar cheeses. Kendallís partial correlation analysis suggested that only pH 4.6 SN/TN was significantly correlated with the changes in functional properties of processed cheeses.


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