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Sensory quality and microstructure of Colby-like cheese made of goat milk and Soymilk

J. Z. Wang, S. S. Tan, L. J. Spicer, and S. S. Zeng

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Goats. Number 158-1. International Goat Association. 2010

In the present study, the sensory quality and microstructure of Colby-like cheese made of goat milk and soymilk were investigated. Nine batches of Colby-like cheese were made from milk with three different ratios of Nubian goat milk to soymilk, i.e., 100% goat milk (A), 90% goat milk and 10% soymilk (B), and 85% goat milk and 15% soymilk (C). Aged cheese samples (day 60) were analyzed for scores of flavor, body and texture, overall sensory and microstructure. Results showed that cheese C had a significantly lower flavor score than cheese A (P < 0.05). Cheese B and C showed significantly lower scores of body & texture and overall sensory than cheese A (P < 0.05), whereas there were no significant differences between B and C. The confocal laser scanning micrographs indicated that cheese A exhibited intact protein matrix with fat entrapped, while cheese C displayed a more serum phase with poor protein matrix. The results indicated that soymilk protein had a poorer coagulating capacity than casein during cheese manufacture and thus affected the flavor and body and texture scores and the microstructure of aged Colby-like cheeses.


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