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Methods of Livestock Research on Smallholder Farms

This is a publication entitled "Methods of Livestock Research on Smallholder Farms" that is the product of a project supported by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service Scientific Cooperation Research Program, often referred to as USDA/FAS/SCRP. It provides practical information considered important to conduct on-farm livestock research. However, a significant portion of this publication also is pertinent to livestock research regardless of where it is conducted. The publication does not cover any specific topics in great detail, but rather is meant to serve as a ’bridge’ connecting different areas for the concerted effort required in effective livestock research. There is considerable attention directed to experimental design and statistical analysis.

Throughout the publication, activities of a recent project in Ethiopia in which Langston University participated are addressed. Though developing countries are all different, these references to conditions in Ethiopia will generally be applicable to many other areas of the world. At least a Bachelor of Science degree may be necessary to derive maximal benefit from this publication. In accordance, the target audience is junior- to mid-level researchers and extension personnel, but hopefully it can be of value in training graduate students as well. The publication and its parts may be reproduced with proper acknowledgement and citation.

Click here to view/download the Methods of Livestock Research on Smallholder Farms Handbook


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