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Fertility of bucks in the Langston buck performance test

S. P. Hart and T. A. Gipson

Journal of Animal Science 85(Supplement 2):38. 2007

The objective of this study was to determine the incidence of infertility (based on a breeding soundness examination) in young bucks that completed the Langston Buck test. Data was collected from each buck test from 1999 to 2006 (7 tests, 392 bucks). Semen was obtained by electroejaculation and concentration and motility evaluated immediately by microcopy. A semen sample was spread on a slide for determination of morphology. The breeding soundness examinations were conducted by a commercial semen processor (Reproduction Enterprise). Few bucks failed to pass the breeding soundness examination (15, 3.8%). Eleven goats failed to pass because of low sperm concentration or no sperm and four bucks failed to pass because of low motility which often was associated with abnormal morphology. Some of the bucks with low sperm concentration had droplets indicating that animals had not really reached sexual maturity despite being more than 6 months old. Only 5 of the 15 bucks failing to pass the breeding soundness examination had scrotal circumferences less than 24 cm. The average scrotal circumference on all animals was 26.3 cm (SD 2.63) and the average sperm concentration was 1.59 billion sperm /ml (SD 0.90). There is a low rate of infertility in well managed buck kids older than 6 months.


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