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Effectiveness of a web-based certification program for meat goat producers

S.P. Hart, R.C. Merkel, T.A. Gipson, and T. Sahlu

Journal of Animal Science 85(Supplement 1):328. 2007

In 2006, a Langston University-led consortium of 11 universities and 5 meat goat producer groups unveiled an on-line training and certification program (http://www2.luresext.edu/training/qa.html). The program consists of 22 learning modules in which participants take pre- and post-tests (requiring a score of 85%) to pass the 16 required and a minimum of 3 elective modules for certification. As of February, 2007, 256 participants have registered for the program. Least square means were lower for pre- vs post-tests (68 vs 90% 1.53; P < 0.001) with an average increase in score of 22 percentage points. Largest increases in pre- vs post-test scores were seen in the Reproduction (48 vs 89% 3.7) and Nutrition (54 vs 90% 3.0) modules with lowest increases in test scores seen in the Livestock Guardian Dogs (77 vs 91% 5.4), Herd Health Procedures and Prevention (73 vs 90% 4.6), and Marketing (75 vs 87% 2.7) modules. Knowledge transfer was evident through the increases in test scores. These data suggest that an on-line testing and knowledge dissemination program is acceptable for many goat producers as a means to increase knowledge of goat production practices.


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