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To register for the 2005 Goat Field Day, please complete and submit the following form.

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Registration for Goat Field Day (Saturday April 30)

Type of registration: Adult Youth

Fitting & Showing Workshop for Youth (all day session)

4-H Fun Tent for Youth (all day session)

IMPORTANT!! Participants will attend a general morning session, which will start at 9:00 a.m., and will be able to attend three breakout session in the afternoon.

Your choice of afternoon workshops include:

  • Helping Your Vet Help You with Dr. Ann Wells at 1:00 only,
  • Sustainable Parasite Control with Dr. Ann Wells at 2:15 only,
  • Injection sites and Drug Availability with Dr. Ann Wells at 3:30 only
  • Quality Assurance for Goat Nutrition with Steve Hart,
  • Quality Assurance from Farm to Fork with Roger Merkel,
  • Quality Assurance from Milking to Processing with Steve Zeng,
  • Basic Goat Husbandry I - hoof trimming, farm management calendar, disbudding, etc. with Jerry Hayes,
  • Basic Goat Husbandry II - pregnancy diagnosis, and other approved drugs with Dr. Lionel Dawson,
  • Body Condition Scoring for Improved Management with Mario Villaquiran,
  • Soap Making Overview with guest speaker,
  • Benefits of Government Programs - overview of USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s work and its cost-sharing program and of the Farm Service Agency’s work with loans for farming activities with Mr. Dwight Guy of USDA-NRCS,
  • Livestock Guardian Dogs with guest speaker.

Please select your afternoon workshops:

1:00 p.m. workshop:

2:15 p.m. workshop:

3:30 p.m. workshop:

Participants may bring their own picnic lunch or purchase a lunch of barbecued goat, baked beans, potato salad, goat cheese, cake, and goat milk ice cream for dessert.

No LunchAdult Lunch ($7.00)Youth Lunch ($3.00)



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