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Dr. Steve Hart

Dr. Steve Hart was born in Texas City, Texas and raised on a small swine farm. He was very active in 4-H, having projects with chickens, fat barrows and a dairy heifer. While in junior high, he moved to northeast Texas and was active in FFA with crop and brood cow projects.

Dr. Hart received a B.S. from Texas A & M University in Dairy Science. While there, he was active in the Dairy Science Club, and student chapters of Agronomy Society and Soil Conservation Society. He was awarded the I.W. Rupel Scholarship for his Junior and Senior years. After graduation, he served two years in the Army.

Dr. Hart went back to Texas A & M to work on his Master's degree studying sorghum silage for dairy cows. After graduation, he went to Virginia Tech to work on his Ph.D. in Dairy Science and was supported by a Pratt fellowship. He studied feed buffers for dairy calves and rate of passage of digesta.

After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Hart worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Service at El Reno, Oklahoma. He worked with silages and crop residues for beef and stocker cattle and grain-forage interactions in cattle. He also worked with turnips for sheep and did some grazing studies with sheep. While at USDA, he collaborated with Langston on some goats studies.

In 1991, Dr. Hart traded sheep for goats and moved to Langston. Currently, his research is investigating goat nutrition and various pastures for dairy and Angora goats. He is also involved in extension goat demonstrations in Oklahoma and Kansas demonstrating the ability of goats to clear brush and weeds, measuring weight gains and the management of goats on these pastures. He was very involved in the Mohair Producers of Oklahoma and is active in the Oklahoma Meat Goat Association, serving as a director.

Dr. Hart is married to Donna. He has one daughter, Lindy. In his leisure time, he enjoys gardening, people, mechanicing and Coyle basketball games.

Dr. Steve Hart can be reached at (405) 466-6138 or at shart@langston.edu

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