A perspective on Worm Control  in Goats in New Zealand


"Need to take every opportunity..."

Goat Worms

Control Programmes

Anthelmintic Resistance

"1992-94 first cases of..."

Anthelmintic Resistance
- present

Preventing Resistance

Future prospects

"Use of specialised crops"

Studies with an ivermectin-resistant T. colubriformis

"when compared in the field..."

"Comparative study of moxidectin against..."

Other ways to enhance the efficacy of existing drenches

Crossover of Ivermectin-resistant Ostertagia from goats to sheep - Experiment 1

Experiment 2

Exp 1 and 2 Conclusions

Faecal Egg Count reduction tests

Langston FECRT - albendazole

Lanston -ivermectin