Parasites of Goats


Consequence of climate

Gain Control/ Give the Parasites are “harder time”

Worms of goats

Worms in Goats cont.

Worms in goats cont

Other types of worms

Slide 9

"Haemonchus adults in the abomasum"

"All trichostrongylids produce similar eggs..."

"A first stage larvae develops..."

"On pasture these L1 feed..."

"Note how the old cuticle..."

Conditions for Development of Free-living Stages

Conditions for development cont.

Conditions for development

Conditions for survival and infection

Survival and infection cont.


"L3 larvae caught in a..."

Infection cont.

Infection cont.

Optimum conditions

After infection

"Abomasum with developing Ostertagia larvae..."

Adults in the gut

"Trichostrongylus in cross section in..."

Periparturient Rise in Faecal Egg Counts

Hypobiosis or Inhibited Development