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Extension Activities

THE LANGSTON UNIVERSITY Aquaculture Program provides an array of aquatic 

related information and services to our Oklahoma clientele.  Our current program emphasis includes: commercial aquaculture, alternative fish species, pond management. and outdoor aquatic education programs.


Fact sheets

The Aquaculture Extension Program has produced numerous fact sheets, booklets and videos.  Many are available on this website. Topics cover aquaculture and pond management.  For a complete listing of products available on this web site, click on topics listed under Aquatic Information in the accompanying side bar or the highlighted text.  If information you need is not on this web site please contact us.



We are available for site visits around the state and can schedule a time to evaluate your pond or fish farm.  We can also be contacted by phone, mail or email to discuss problems or provide information.


Workshops and Field Days

Staff members produce workshops and field days throughout the year for fish farmers, pond managers, educators and youth.  An Aquaculture Field Day is sponsored each year by Langston University. The Field Day showcases our latest research and highlights topics of current interest to the fish farming community.  


We are available to speak to organizations as diverse as the Oklahoma Aquaculture Association or the local water garden society; and are available as speakers for other governmental agency conferences and activities.


Computerized Economic Analysis 

LU Extension Aquaculture has developed a computer program to build enterprise budgets and project the results of various marketing strategies for both commercial and home aquaculture ventures. We can run the program for you or you can purchase a copy for a ten dollar fee.

Programs and services, are available at No charge except as noted. All consultations are confidential.

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