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Aquaculture Programs

LANGSTON UNIVERSITY AQUACULTURE Programs exist to produce and provide to our Oklahoma aquaculturists and pond owners the information and technology necessary to profitably manage fish farms and ponds in an ecologically sustainable manner for profit, home food production and recreation. We also believe the public  must understand the aquatic environment to properly manage and regulate activities related to these resources.

  To these ends, we have developed a program of research, extension and education that will help insure a profitable and environmentally  sound use of the aquatic resources of Oklahoma.


Aquaculture research ponds.


Research is the foundation of our program and is conducted at the Langston University Aquaculture Facility. The facility consists of 46 research ponds from 0.1 to 0.5 acres in size, a fish hatchery and research laboratory.  Research at Langston University is designed to provide Oklahoma fish culturists with the latest scientifically based culture techniques applicable to our region.  We work closely with fish farmers in an effort to understand and respond to their needs. Projects are designed to work in harmony with aquatic environmental processes to increase profitability and reduce dependence on outside resources.

Information produced by research and information on aquatic related topics are presented to our clientele through  the Aquaculture Extension Program in easily accessible and  readily understandable formats.  Extension personnel are available for personal consultation, on-site visits, workshops and field days.

Goals: Our goals are to:

  • Help develop and support a profitable and environmentally sustainable commercial aquaculture industry in Oklahoma through research and education.

  • Provide clientele with factual and easily accessible information in a timely manner.

  • Improve pond management statewide for commercial, food and recreational purposes.

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