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LANGSTON UNIVERSITY AQUACULTURE fact sheets of interest to the fish farmer and marketer.

Is Fish Farming For Me  Interested in fish farming?  This fact sheet may help you decide to raise fish.

Interactive Fish culture Production and Marketing Program Run or download this interactive program to calculate fish culture production and market potential from your enterprise.

Proactive Pond Management   Improve net returns through feed and water quality management

Marketing Fish In Oklahoma  Small scale market review

Alternative Marketing  Selling fish in ethnic markets

Bird Predation on Fish Farms  Strategies to prevent fish loss due to bird predation.

Caged Fish Culture Can't harvest fish from your pond?  Try cage culture.

Problems With Caged Fish Culture  Avoid common problems associated with caged fish culture.

Cage Construction Technique For Plastic Coated Wire Mesh Cages 

Cage Culture Of Rainbow Trout Raise trout through the winter in cages.

Grass Carp Propagation  Techniques for producing reproducing grass carp.

Economics Of Feed Conversion Ratio  How proactive pond management practices can save you money.

Tilapia Culture In Cages And Ponds  Tilapia have enormous potential in world markets.  This is an over view of culture methods.

Water Quality Management For Fish Farmers  Understanding fundamentals of water quality are key to successful fish farming.

Impact of Zebra Mussels, an Environmental Pest, on Oklahoma Water Resources Zebra mussels are exotic invaders with high potential to cause economic and environmental damage. 

Species Profile: Bigmouth Buffalo  A species with aquaculture potential.

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