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THE RESEARCH PROGRAM in aquaculture at Langston University focuses on the needs of the Oklahoma aquaculture industry.  Close communication with the Oklahoma Aquaculture Association assures that our research team understands and responds to the needs of state producers.

Aquacultural research at Langston University is founded on an ecological understanding of the aquatic environment that informs the direction of our research efforts.  Polyculture fish production systems are under development that maximally utilize available nutrient inputs from fish feeds to reduce production costs, increase yields and improve water quality.  New fish species are now being tested for their use as biological controls of common channel catfish parasites. 

We envision an ecologically sustainable aquaculture that produces an economically viable livelyhood for fish farmers.  Research meeting these goals  must include new species and species combination development coupled with innovative marketing strategies.

A sustainable system of aquaculture requires an integral production facility that maximizes water use and production efficiency.  Large quantities of water are often in short supply or expensive to obtain for many fish farmers.  Consequences of global warming also increase the uncertainty of water supplies available for aquaculture production. With these constraints in mind,  criteria used in the design of our aquacultural research facility demanded that water conservation, energy conservation and water quality improvement to the watershed be given high priority.  Our research ponds are designed to demonstrate to fish farmers practical solutions for conservative water management, efficient production and economical methods of maintaining high water quality standards.

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