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FIND MORE AQUATIC culture information at the following sites .

Regional Aquaculture Center Publications A large collection of fact sheets covering many aspects of aquaculture.

Aquaculture/Fisheries at University of Arkansas At Pine Bluff

Aquaculture Network Information Center (AquaNIC)

Aquaculture Health Page

Thad Cochran National Warmwater Aquaculture Center

Auburn University - Aquaculture and Fisheries
Catfish Institute
Directory of Aquaculture Associations


Aquaculture Suppliers
Aquacenter, Inc. - (Arkansas/Mississippi)
Aquaculture Supply - (Florida/Louisiana)
Aquatic Eco-Systems- (Florida)
AREA - Aquaculture Research/Environmental Associates, Inc. - (Florida)
M & M Suppliers - (Washington)
Miller Net - (Tennessee)



American Fisheries Society

World Aquaculture Society

North American Water Garden Society - An organization of pond lovers dedicated to the enjoyment, education, promotion and protection of the water garden hobby. 

International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society  IWGS -The international waterlily and water gardening society is … dedicated to the furtherance of all aspects of water gardens and their associated plants. They support education, research, and conservation in these areas.

 Green Country Water Garden Society - Their objective is to promote interest, appreciation and enjoyment of ponds and their wildlife throughout northeast Oklahoma.

 The official website of the Tulsa, OK koi club.

The official website of the Oklahoma City, OK koi club. 

 The associated koi clubs of America.- An organization created to promote the hobby of keeping, breeding, and appreciating koi.

 The American Goldfish Organization - An organization of goldfish people who promote breeding, raising and showing of goldfish in the US and Canada. 


Aquaculture Magazine  - U.S. and world aquaculture news.

Koi USA Magazine -The magazine for all koi keepers. It contains articles about pond construction, filtration, fish health, classification, dealer contacts, club news and upcoming events. Six issues/year.

Koi Nations - A koi magazine with a global philosophy, rather than reporting to or from a single country or organization.

Chat Rooms

Below are two different chat rooms related to ornamental ponds. Koiphen appears to be the most objective of the two, but regardless, people who read and use the information in chat rooms should be aware that most of the information presented is personal opinion that is not supported by replicated experiments. Enjoy the information, but use it with caution. 

Koiphen - The official chat board of the worldwide koi club. They have several good forums addressing construction issues.

Koishack - The Internet Koi of North America Koi Club. Lots of different forums.


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